Billion Dollar Mindset

Many people do not know how our mind works, and it’s not a surprise they don’t know the 6 higher faculties of the human mind. They set us apart from other animals and set us on the top creation chain, we’re the most evolved animals on Planet Earth.
If you stop a person and ask him what the higher faculties of our mind are, he probably would not know to answer you. If a person does not know the powers of our mind, unfortunately he does not know the marvelous tools that can help him to achieve success and happiness in life.



The reasoning factor allows a person to think. We can think about anything we want and desire. It set us apart from other animals and puts us on top. An animal usually acts on by instinct. Differently, the human being thinks and acts on by according this faculty.
We can remember e memorize anything we want. There are people saying they have a bad memory. It’s not true. They simply have not learned to develop this “mental muscle” to a better level. Look for a good book about memorization techniques and very soon you can have an outstanding memory.
We can say that perception is a point of view of each one of us. Two people can be looking to the same object and both of them may have different ideas of it. You can tell that a person must be right and other must be wrong. But the truth is that both of them are right. It’s our point of view, or perception.
The will give us the ability to focus only on an idea and exclude everything else.
Many of us confuse intuition as a “sixth sense”. The truth is that the intuition is a mental factor. We can define intuition as an instant idea or an immediately answer we receive without even thinking about it.
The imagination is probably one the greatest miracles of the human being. It’s through imagination the things have been created. All the great inventions that have transformed our lives came by from this wonderful ability we hold.
Knowing these higher faculties and how they work, we can develop and use them to achieve anything we want in our lives. Our creator has given us the tools; it’s only up to us to develop them to a higher level.Let’s Talk Billions


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